International Transportation

Transterminal Company handles international transportation of cargoes from any point in the world to the client’s warehouse. One of our priority activities is the quickly expanding delivery of cargoes to Russia from Europe, China and India.

We offer the full complex of services in international transportation with the “door to door” delivery: from consolidation of cargo abroad to customs clearance and delivery to any region of Russia. We are also ready to deliver a cargo from Russia to any country.
The “door to door” concept is the most convenient variant for our clients because it allows them not to try to grasp the details of logistics arrangements, subtleties of the accompanying trading and transport documents and other specialized matters, which arise in the process of international transportation of cargoes.

We guarantee the performance of all obligations to the clients. The company has been maintaining positive reputation on the market of international transportation for more than 19 years thanks to these principles of work and accumulated successful experience.

Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transportation is transportation employing two or more kinds of transport and one transportation document, with reloading in reloading and transshipment points from one kind of transport to another without cargo owner’s participation.

Various kinds of transport are used in any combination in case of multimodal transportation:

  • road transport
  • rail transport
  • sea carriage
  • river carriage

Multimodal cargo transportation is the most optimal variant of cargo movement at long distances. In this case logistics arrangements are done in accordance with the input of each cargo lot delivery. That’s why multimodal transportation is so often used in case of international transportation.
Multimodal transportation of cargo is effected by one company, and the carrier company is fully responsible for the whole process of transportation. When there is one company-organizer, it strengthens control over transportation and provides a possibility to lower the delivery cost.

Multimodal transportation is a responsible task. In case of arrangement of such transportation well thought out coordination of all the participants of transport operations and processes as well as the high level of cooperation are necessary. Transterminal cooperates with the most reliable and checked partners because of that.

High quality of services, guaranteed to our clients, means provision of stable and precise coordination at all the stages of international multimodal transportation, arrangement of the most acceptable transport operations for reasonable price.
The experts of our company check the proper drawing up of all the necessary documents at each sector of the cargo transportation.
Combination of overland transportation and sea carriage allows us to provide adaptable and effective solutions for cargo delivery.

Employing multimodal transportation arrangements we’ll deliver your cargo in the shortest possible period of time and at the optimal price. A lot of experience and cooperation with the biggest sea carriers allow us to transport cargoes to Russia from any country in the world and vice versa. Extensive database of sea carriers engaged in line hauls and international forwarding companies (more than 150) is at your disposal.

Our biggest partners are the following companies:

  • Agora Freight
  • Hapag Lloyd
  • Maersk
  • OOCL
  • Unifeeder
  • Cosco Shipping
  • Hamburg Süd
  • Hyundai Merchant Marine
  • Finnlines
  • Transfennica
  • and others

A long term relations with the providers of the basic services allowed Transterminal Company to get unique prices for international cargo transportation and sea freight. In view of that we can offer clients the optimal cost of services.

We provide the following services in the field of international cargo transportation:

  • collection and consolidation of cargoes in the port of Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
  • full assortment of transportation and forwarding services for sea and ocean carriage (including inter-port forwarding);
  • possibility to order individual delivery arrangement;
  • legal and logistic support;
  • loading of goods in road trailers with delivery to the final consignee;
  • acceptance, storage and reloading of cargoes in ports;
  • cargo insurance;
  • tracking of the cargo location along the route.

We are ready to provide:

  • supply of container for loading in the country of departure (pre-carriage),
  • arrangement of transportation of goods requiring maintaining of special temperature,
  • leasing of containers and special equipment: open top containers for dry cargoes (Open Top), containers for heavyweight cargoes requiring special handling (Flat Rack), refrigerator containers (Reefer) and others,
  • we’ll select the most suitable for transportation container for arrangement of international transportation of mixed cargo.

Close cooperation with linear agents in the biggest ports of departure gives us a possibility to quickly track and solve the arising problems, monitor cargoes including with the use of the tracking system of sea lines.
The experts of our company will undertake all the matters of customs clearance, cargo insurance and forwarding.

Servicing according to high standards by Transterminal means reliability, promptness and reasonable cost.
You can consult our experts in all the matters of international cargo transportation.

Road Transport

Road cargo transport is a convenient solution for transportation of various types of cargoes, required in case of transportation of cargoes both inside Russia and between CIS countries and Europe. One of the most important advantages of road transport is the possibility to deliver cargo directly from the Shipper to the Consignee.
Another obvious plus of road transport is the possibility to track the route and change it if required practically at any moment.

Transterminal Company offers international road transport of cargoes on the territory of European states, including road transport in Scandinavian countries and Finland as well as road transport of cargoes on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

Road transport by Transterminal Company is carried out by the following means depending on the cargo:

  • trucks with the size of up to 120 cubic m;
  • container platforms for transportation of 20-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot HCPW containers; standard and heavy loaded;
  • special transport for transportation of cargoes requiring maintaining of special temperature (refrigerators);
  • trucks for partial loading (in case of delivery of mixed cargoes).

The experts of Transterminal Company have the necessary skills and experience for optimizing the process of road transport of cargoes of your company.

Our experts will advise you on the matters of road transport cost, select the required kind of road transport depending on the cargo, help with preparing of all the required documents, provide the necessary accompanying services.

We pay a lot of attention to the time-limits of road transport. The experts of the company monitor the movement of cargo at all the stages of transport by road, which allows to deliver any consignment strictly on time.

We are ready to offer you:

  • Working out of the most optimal route of road transport of your cargo, proceeding from reduction in cost and shortening of the time of delivery,
  • Selection of transportation facilities depending on the type and size of cargo,
  • Solving of the problems connected with customs clearance of cargoes, insurance, forwarding,
  • Providing of operable transportation facilities in good repair in the agreed upon time for loading of cargoes,
  • Constant monitoring and full information about the process of cargo delivery.

Constant control at all the stages of road transport of cargoes, tracking of the transportation facilities location, prompt solving of any arising problems allow our company to carry our road transport of cargoes, guaranteeing irreproachable level of service to our clients.

Contact our managers to find out the cost of road transport and all details of cargo delivery.
Call us or fill in the application for the service.
We’ll select the best route of road transport, proceeding from your requirements.

Sea Carriage

Sea carriage of cargoes allows to deliver cargoes to Russia from geographically remote regions at minimum expense.

There are three main kinds of sea carriage at present:

  • container carriage – the cargo is delivered in container by ship;
  • bulk carriage – transportation of big lots of dry substances and materials in bulk (sand, salt, coal or fertilizers);
  • ro-ro carriage. This logistics term originated from the English roll-on/roll-off and means transportation of cars and trucks that can roll on the ship themselves.

Sea carriage has many Pros.

The advantages of sea carriage of cargoes are as follows:

  • low cost;
  • precise sailing schedule;
  • possibility to transport big consignments (lots) of cargoes at the same time;
  • high reliability;
  • low risk of damage and loss of cargo.

Among the Cons one should mention comparatively long period of delivery and dependence on weather conditions and other factors, for example, the capacity of ports.

Transterminal Company carries goods by sea to Russia from the countries of Europe, South-East Asia, North and South America, using the biggest ports of the world.
At present the priority direction of our company is sea container carriage of cargoes from Europe.

Big practical experience of our personnel allows us to find the optimal arrangements of transportation, thanks to which delivery of cargoes for you is carried out at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.
The company experts will work out all the transport and logistics arrangements of sea carriage, taking into account all the specific features of the cargo and the client’s requirements. Our experts will advise you on each kind of transportation, explaining all pluses and minuses assist you in drawing up of all the documents, required in Russia for import/export of goods.

Complex approach allows us to effect international transportation of all kinds of cargoes “door to door”.

Ferry Carriage

Ferry lines provide quick and reliable transportation of ro-ro, general, project, oversized and off-gauge cargoes as well as containers. Regular sailing schedule of ferry lines provides adaptability in planning of cargo transportation and precise delivery dates.

Thanks to many years of reliable cooperation with the leading ferry lines Finnlines and Transfennica, Transterminal Company provides services in ferry carriage of cargoes to St. Petersburg from the ports of Antwerp, Lubeck and Tilbury.

Ferry carriage by our company includes forwarding in the port of St. Petersburg and preparing and consulting regarding all of the documents, required in case of ferry carriage; as well as the advice regarding import and such important documents as the trading contract, certification, invoices, packing lists, labels, cutoms documents and many more nuances of trading with russian companies.

Rail Transport

Rail transport is widely used in transportation logistics for delivery of cargoes at middle and long distances. 

Rail transport optimally combines the guarantee of cargo preservation, low cost and relatively short time of delivery. Besides, it is important that regular railway timetable allows calculating and providing the planned time of delivery.

It is possible to transport practically all kinds of cargoes by railway thanks to the wide choice of the types of containers, including oversized and off-gauge cargoes. While most trucks are limited by load carrying capacity, cargoes of any weight can by transported by railway.

The well-developed network of railways both in Russia and European countries allows to use all the advantages of this kind of cargo transportation in case of international transportation.

The shortcomings of rail transport are impossibility to bring the cargo directly to the place of delivery and additional difficulties for the consignee arising because of that. But it is possible to solve this problem easily if you contact a company that offers complex delivery services. Our company provides transportation services “door to door”: from the consignor to the consignee, including in international transportation.

Transterminal Company provides the whole assortment of services connected with container rail transport. At present the company has valid contracts entered into with the Russian Railways for payment of railway rates and additional services as well as contracts with big railway forwarding agents.

We provide dispatcher control over containers and linear container equipment along the main directions of container freight traffic as well as provide and guarantee their return after delivery to the consignee. Besides that, the company can handle container cargoes with reloading into railroad cars.

Practical experience of transportation by rail transport and high skills of experts of Transterminal Company allow us to guarantee solving of all problems connected with international transportation of cargoes to our clients.

Contact our experts to calculate the cost of delivery of your cargo to Russia / from Russia by rail transport. You can also fill in an application for the services.

Container Carriage

Container carriage by sea is one of the most popular and effective means of transportation of cargoes, used in both internal and international transport.

At present container carriage by sea is considered to be the most advantageous kind of cargo transportation judging by the ratio of distance and cost. Thanks to the low cost and a great number of trade routes, the cargo is safely transported from one port to another.

Many years of partnership with the leading shipping lines allow Transterminal Company to offer the best rates for container carriage by sea.

We arrange multimodal container carriage by sea, employing 20-foot, 40-foot, 45-foot containers, High Cube, Flat Rack, Open Top, refrigerator containers.

Transterminal Company provides the full complex of services in the field of sea carriage:

  • Delivery of cargoes in the containers of all types;
  • Working out of the optimal arrangement of multimodal transportation of cargoes;
  • Arrangement of overland transportation of containers from/to shipping port, employing road or rail transport considering the date of shipment in the country of departure;
  • Warehouse services in the ports or warehouses of Europe, South-East Asia and Russia, including consolidation, reloading of cargo and cross-docking;
  • Arrangement of stevedoring services and handling of transit cargoes in the ports of the Baltic Sea and North Sea;
  • Constant monitoring of the cargo movement and tracking of information about the expected date of arrival to the port of destination;
  • Preferential terms for storage and local charges;
  • Survey;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Port forwarding;
  • Preparing of all the required accompanying documents.

Individual approach of our experts to the client and efficient complex arrangement of international sea carriage allows us to transport cargo from any point in the world at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.

You can order delivery of your cargo and discuss all the details of international transportation, contacting our experts. Call us or fill in the application for the service.

Freight Services

Freight services are one of the components of our service in international sea carriage.

Transterminal Company offers the following:

  • determining of the optimal route for your cargo;
  • reliable sea lines;
  • minimum freight rates for cargo carriage;
  • minimum time of delivery to the port of destination.

We think that our most important task in case of arrangement of international sea carriage is to optimize client’s expenses on transport component of his cargo cost.
Thanks to direct contacts with the principals of sea container lines, Transterminal Company gets unique sea freight rates for container carriage.

Employment of sea containers and modern high-speed container vessels gives us a possibility to minimize delivery costs, at the same time maintaining the maximum cargo preservation. Close cooperation with agents in all the ports of the world allows our experts to constantly control the movement of cargoes. Our clients receive full information about the container location along the route.

Individual approach to each client and focusing on separate contracts allow us to satisfy the expectations of our clients and provide high quality services.

If you call our experts, you will get comprehensive information about sea carriage being of interest to you, taking into account all the specific features of the cargo.
We shall always be able to choose the conditions of cargo carriage to Russia and from Russia, most fully corresponding to the requirements of your business.

Customs Clearance. Customs Broker Services

The Company «Transterminal» has been implementing successfully its activities in the sphere of sea and ocean shipping, logistics, forwarding and customs clearance.

Customs broker services are one of the main directions of our operations. We provide quick and high-quality service in import and export clearance in Russia in the port of Saint-Petersburg (St.-Petersburg).

Long-term importing experience allows us to solve the entire spectrum of matters related to the cargo clearance in the shortest periods of time.
Specialists of the Company pay a special attention to provision of minimal deadlines and effective cost of the customs clearance.

We render the following customs services:

  • Preparation of documents required for the customs clearance including electronic goods declaring;
  • Monitoring of the customs statistics and customs duties; advising to You before the shipment to be well prepared.
  • Declaration;
  • Doing of the internal and international customs transit;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Customs inspection and check (if required);
  • Calculation of customs duties amount;
  • Independent expertise with participation of the chamber of commerce & industry of the Russian Federation;
  • Consulting services in foreign-economic activity and customs legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Other customs services.

Customs clearance is the area of activity with minutest details and requiring constant monitoring of regulating documents. Knowing everything in advance (with our help) allows to precisely plan Your supplies and avoid additional costs.
We realize responsibility for your deliveries and take care of the effective operations of out team and your business success.

ICT Mode

Internal customs transit (ICT) is a customs procedure carried out from the cargo entry point to Russian Federation (port of Saint-Petersburg) to the place of customs declaration.
Internal customs transit mode allows to perform the import customs clearance at any convenient customs office in Russia even if those customs offices are situated remotely from the cargo entry point (port of Saint-Petersburg). So You can make the import clearance in Moscow, for example.

Our company renders the following services in freight shipment arrangement in the ICT mode:

  • Transportation;
  • Consulting on the required set of documents for transportation under the ICT procedure;
  • Making of the customs and shipping documents (CD, CMR and TIR carnet);
  • Customs clearance and customs release (shipping line release) for ICT implementation.

Our specialists will consult you and help to prepare the full set of the documents meeting all requirements of the Russian customs and financial authorities.

The Company Transterminal is interested in the long-term cooperation with you. Our entire knowledge and experience are targeted on the comprehensive representation of your interests by the customs and other russian authorities, high quality and expedient customs clearance of your goods, commodities, cargoes and products.

Our specialists will response to all your questions related to the customs clearance of import and export in Russia.

Inter-port Forwarding of Cargoes

Port forwarding (or freight forwarding) is connected with solving of all matters and carrying out of the required procedures for arrangement of picking up of cargoes in accordance with the trading terms, freight terms, stevedoring companies and contract terms.

Transterminal offers freight forwarding at the Port of St. Petersburg.

Transterminal Company provides the following services as a part of freight forwarding of cargoes:

  • Receipt and analysis of information about the expected cargoes;
  • Selection of the optimal terminal for handling of cargoes (there are more than 10 big container terminals in Saint-Petrsburg);
  • Collection of trade, transport and shipping documents from shipping line agents and shipbrokers;
  • Arrangement of loading and unloading, including separation, additions, palleting, packing/unpacking, reloading to other kinds of transport;
  • Arrangement of pre-examination operations, weighing of cargoes both by the order of controlling authorities and by consignee’s order;
  • Accumulation of consignments of goods at port terminals for export;
  • Obtaining of export and removal permits from shipbrokers and linear agents;
  • Providing linear agents with documents for receipt of container equipment (for container cargoes);
  • Receipt of cargoes from terminals;
    Coordination of shipping;
  • Receipt, check-up and payment (after receipt of guarantees of repayment from consignees) of the stevedoring company invoices for the operations performed and for the storage, in some cases;
  • Working out and implementation of individual (depending on the clients’ requirements) technologies of reloading and inter-port handling of cargoes;
  • Quick informing of the client about all the events and changes.

Efficient cooperation of our forwarding agents and managers allows to perform forwarding in ports irrespective of the day of the week.

Providing services of freight forwarding is the realization of Transterminal Company’s complex approach to the “door to door” delivery of cargoes. Providing the full cycle of logistics services from international transportation, customs clearance, forwarding to delivery of cargoes to the consignee, our company undertakes full responsibility for the time and quality of delivery of your cargoes.

Our experts will consult you in all the matters. Call us or write us the email. We will be glad to start the cooperation with You.

Foreign Economic Activities Outsourcing

Outsourcing (from «outer source») is a transfer of certain functions or a part of business processes.

Many companies in Russia and in Europe are outsourcing the activities, connected to international trading, import and export operations: logistics, customs clearance, cargo deliveries along international routes, product purchases and supplies, payments and funds transfers for the goods, etc.

Transterminal Company provides transport, forwarding and accompanying services for clients at all the stages of international trading. In substance, Transterminal experts undertake the duties that can be performed by the client’s own foreign economic department if he has it.

We offer to use our complex services in accompanying the trading of your company in Russia in cases of delivery of your goods to Russia or purchases from Russian suppliers. Our experts have extensive practical experience in logistics delivery arrangement, obtaining all the necessary permits, customs clearance, efficient accounting and payments for the goods.

Services of outsourcing the foreign trading with Russia are especially good in case if:

  • your permanent staff has never been engaged in international transportation and arrangement of deliveries to Russia or has no required skills,
  • it is unpractical for various reasons to employ additional experts to deal with trading contracts, on-time deliveries to Russia, risk-management, analytics, import documents,
  • your russian partner has no skilled export or import department, well performed accounting and is not ready to deal with russian financial authorities regarding the international trading contract and bank transfers from Russia to Europe or vice versa.

The main task of Transterminal is to replace foreign economic and logistics departments to the required extent, performing these functions cheaper and with better quality, quicker and more professionally.

We do not just provide services in transportation and customs clearance for our clients in Russia.
We undertake professional responsibilities for the functions transferred to us, we strive to optimize the processes of delivery.

The advantages for clients to outsource their trading operations with russian Buyers or Suppliers:

  • saving of expenses and considerable reduction of time, finances and personnel resources spent on delivery of goods, customs clearance, forwarding and other accompanying measures;
  • the released resources can be focused on the main business processes of the company;
  • there is no need to employ, constantly train, manage, control highly paid experts;
  • transparent conditions of control over activities of an outsourcer company: the competitive delivery cost can be easily checked, the delivery time is optimal;
  • transparent costs of services for each consignment (lot), no unexpected expenses;
  • high skills and practical experience of experts of an outsourcer company.

In case of conclusion of an outsourcing contract, the full list and time-limits of provided services as well as the complex cost of services are discussed and fixed.

We hope that our attentive approach to you as a client and qualitative, prompt and reliable services are exactly what you have been looking for for a long time.

You can find out more about Transterminal’s services in outsourcing of foreign economic activities from the experts of our company.

Foreign Economic Contract

Foreign trading contract is a contract one of the parties to which is not a resident of the Russian Federation. Foreign legal and natural persons, state bodies of any country, international organizations, etc. can be parties to an international contract.

Foreign trading contract specifies the rights and obligations of a Russian buyer of the cargo and a foreign seller in the process of purchasing and delivery. In the procedure of the import or export from Russia, many things are depending on the well composed contract. It should be very detailed in the clauses describing financial terms, documents like invoices, product delivery terms, payment terms and many more. That is why experts should be involved from the very begginning, that are aware of russian financial laws, central bank bills, the practice of the implementation of the financial laws by russian federal financial monitoring service, as well as import and export customs procedures and document sets, that should be issued for the quick and reliable border crossing by Your cargo.

Transterminal Company is ready to serve as one of the parties of a foreign trading contract, carrying out all the necessary measures in transportation and importing (or exporting) the cargo. For example, our company could consider buying the product from You and paying You in Your national currency, importing the goods to Russia and selling to Your customer in the RUR currency (russian rouble). The same could be done vice versa: we could buy the goods in Russia and sell to You, so that You could pay us in Your preferrable currency.

You find a Russian supplier of the goods you need or a buyer for your goods and agree upon the terms and conditions of purchase of his goods: lots, prices, time-limits and terms of delivery. The managers of our company will check the transaction, payment and delivery of goods, arrange the whole complex of measures for import of goods to the territory of Russia or their export, drawing up all the required documents.

In this case you will not have to prepare all the documents required by the authorities and deliver the goods. You will surely get the complete set of required documents and the goods will be delivered precisely on time.

The company experts have high skills and the necessary experience in order to provide the most precise performance of all the contract conditions, observance of all the legal standards and, most important, timely delivery of the necessary cargo.

Drawing up of a foreign trading contract with the help of Transterminal will allow you to transfer a part of trading and logistic activities to outsourcing, and that will let you focus your resources on your basic activities.

We’ll be happy to see your company among our clients!

Contact our company for qualified consultations and answers to your questions about international transportation and outsourcing of the trading procedures.

Transport Forwarding

Transterminal Company has been operating on the cargo transportation market for a long time.

We provide services in transport forwarding for providing safety of cargoes and increase of reliability and quality of cargo transportation. Our experts guarantee efficient tracking of your cargo and its preservation at all the stages of transportation to Russia or from Russia to the point of destination.

Transport forwarding of cargoes is at present an integral part of the process of transportation by any kind of transport. Transport forwarding is especially urgent in case of international multimodal transportation. Repeated rigging, loading and unloading is characteristic of such cargo transportation with employment of various kinds of transport, and that requires careful observance of safe storage conditions.

Efficiently arranged process of transport forwarding allows to lower the cost of transportation, minimize a possibility of extraordinary situations and provide agreed upon time of cargo delivery.

Cargo forwarding means providing of a whole complex of services for the client in cargo transportation, tracking and drawing up of documents. Constant monitoring of the cargo transportation process is necessary to foresee and prevent all possible issues.

Contacting Transterminal Company, you’ll get the full complex of services as well as timely delivery of cargo from the point of departure to the point of destination, including control over all the stages of cargo transportation, drawing up of all the required documents, solving of the tasks arising from the procedure of customs clearance in Russia and port forwarding.

Call us and our experts will find solutions for you, most effectively answering your requirements.


Transterminal Company provides services in cargo delivery, striving for complex solving of the client’s tasks. The company experts have considerable experience in handling various cargoes. This allows us to form the assortment of services, which is, on the one hand, required by our clients and, on the other hand, guarantees correspondence of our transportation to high quality standards.
Because of that we pay special attention to forwarding as a component of cargo forwarding services.

Forwarding is in substance cargo tracking, including:

  • constant monitoring of the location and state of cargo along the route;
  • timely informing of the client about dates of the cargo arrival to port, unloading, delivery to warehouse;
  • informing about any changing circumstances and ways of solving of the possible arising issues.

This service is provided for any kind of cargo transportation, both by sea and by land.

Cargo Insurance

Safety of cargoes is the most important matter in the field of international transportation.

Transportation, especially at considerable distances, is potentially connected with a considerable number of various risks: loss of cargo, damages, infringement of storage conditions, long unforeseen delays, etc. Besides, a number of operations such as transshipment and reloading, storage in transit warehouses may increase the extent of risk.

In case of unfavourable situations, the cargo owner may suffer considerable financial losses, fail to meet his contract obligations on delivery of goods to his clients, disturb production processes.
In these cases cargo insurance is one of the most reliable ways to protect business from serious financial losses.

Transterminal Company arranges the process of delivery and warehouse handling of cargoes, taking into account all the necessary measures for providing their safety along the route. We recommend to insure cargoes for additional protection of your cargoes from possible risks.

We provide cargo insurance as a part of the complex of services in case of international transportation. We take into account all the specific features of the transported cargo. No matter where we carry your cargo, you may be sure in the adequate protection of your interests.

Transterminal Company in constantly cooperating with the biggest russian and international insurance companies. Our experts will help to choose the optimal terms of insurance proceeding from the specific features of the cargo, conditions of transportation and other factors.

In case of insured accident Transterminal Company experts are expected to provide the necessary help and consultations, examine and evaluate the damaged cargo, help with drawing up of the documents required by the insurance company for the owner to receive insurance payments for the cargo damage in the shortest possible period of time.

Cargo insurance is one of the important elements in the complex of services provided by our company, directed to increase of the level of service in cargo delivery to Russia and from Russia.

Transfer of Currency

Companies, interested in delivery of goods from Russia or to Russia, inevitably have to deal with the matter of the proper effecting of payments and drawing up of respective documents for customs authorities and financial control authorities of Russia.

Transterminal Company experts will provide all the required assistance in transfering of the payments as a part of providing logistics services as well as prepare detailed information about possible ways of payment, consult in the necessary actions, time-limits and documents in accordance with the requirements of customs and financial laws of the Russian Federation.

Contacting our company you can be absolutely sure in efficient representation of your interests. We really know our business.

Our skilled experts will answer all your questions. Call us!

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