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Our company has launched the trading with Russian agricultural products. We supply several popular products to different destinations in the World. Among products there are: wheat flour, pasta and noodles, breakfast cereals, sunflower oil, egg powders and honey.
With us You would get the best deals, because we cooperate with a big number of producers in each category. Most Russian agricultural producers are lacking the export experience and that usually causes the unexpected issues if foreign company deals with them directly. At the same time Russian producers often own the most modern european equipment and have good R&D departments, which in combination with the unlimited raw materials allows to produce the foods of highest quality and for the most competitive prices in the World.
With our presence You could benefit both from the convenient negotiations, predictable timing, finely scheduled shipments, comfortable financial terms and from the merchandise of the highest quality for the best price.

With Best Regards,
Transterminal Team.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Wheat flour

 Origin: South-West, North-West and Central Russia

Shelf life 12 months.
Russia is the biggest wheat grains exporter in the World, so it’s natural to become top wheat flour exporter too. Many new milling plants are being launched every year with unlimited raw materials nearby and optimal locations for the wheat flour to be shipped to any destination.
1) All-purpose wheat flour.
wet gluten content 28-30 %,
whiteness 55 — 60 units
falling number 300-500 sec.
ash content 0,5 — 0,6 %
Perfectly suitable for every end product, incuding bread, croissants, pasta or pizza.
2) Whole wheat flour
Healthy option to be added to all-purpose flour by any product recipe.
3) Flour for flat bread
wet gluten content 23 %,
whiteness 55 — 57 units
falling number 180-250 sec.
ash content 0,55 — 0,65 %
Good for any type of flat bread, very price effective.


 Origin: Russia

Shelf life 12 months.
Made of soft and hard wheat (Durum), harvested in Russia.
Any package type, according to Buyer’s specification,
private label.
Untouchable price to quality ratio.
Shipping worldwide.

Breakfast cereals

 Origin: Russia

Shelf life 6-12 months.
With most of the grains present in the country,
the very modern equipment and progressive R&Ds,
and off course with the help of our trading and
logistic skills, You could get the best deals
and win Your local market share in any
part of the world.
Russian ready-to-eat breakfast cereals
could be supplied to You as a private
label solution. Best quality and ingredients.
Healthiest cereals, mueslis, granolas and porriges.

Sunflower oil

Shelf life 18 months.
1) Refined sunflower oil in PET bottles 1 liter and 5 liters
2) Refined sunflower oil, bulk
3) Unrefined (crude) sunflower oil, bulk
4) Unrefined sunflower oil for industrial processing, bulk
5) Unrefined filtered virgin sunflower oil, bulk
Russia is the second biggest sunflower oil supplier in the World with constantly rising global market share. Plenty of new big and medium scale extraction plants are being launched every year. With our help You will benefit from stable supplies and the most competitive prices.

 Origin: South-West of Russia  (vegoil, vegetable oil, cooking oil)

Egg powder

 Origin: Russia

Shelf life 6- 24 months.
1) Whole egg powder
2) Egg white powder
3) Egg yolk powder
Egg powder is very nutritious product with
a good shelf life parameters.
Used in confectionary, mayonnaise and bread production.


 Origin: Russia


Flower mix honey, buckwheat honey, sunflower honey from different parts of Russia.

Private label possibility, good looking packages.

Bulk possibility.

Shipping in containers, minimal order 20 tons.

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