We provide Fast and Efficient services for international trading with Russia

Transterminal company

Data handling process:

our office address is:
Russia, 191119,
Obvodny Channel Emb. 93A,
Business center «Neptun»
4th Entrance, office 1/3.

We collect Your data only in the case You use our contact form to be able to respond to You accordingly. We could use Your email address, telephone number and name

to contact You and to provide You with the required information.

The data could be retained indefinitely and we could use it to supplement our website. Otherwise, we are not disclosing Your data to any third parties.

Your collected information is protected with a standard anti-breach and anti-virus tool set.

Additional security factors:

  • Office security guard 24/7
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Fire alarm

Back up power supply sources
Sincerely Your’s,

  • Transterminal team
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